We help Loan Officers close more loans

If you think back over the last few months, how many loans have you been unable to close due to a client’s bad credit? Most likely the answer is ‘quite a few’, but even just one decline due to bad credit means you’ve missed out on an opportunity for more income and a happy client.

That’s where our credit restoration company comes in. We work with you, the loan officer, to take your client’s bad credit and turn it around in 6 months or less. All you need to do is refer your client to me and we’ll help them improve their credit score. We make it possible for them to close a loan with you in only a few months time. It’s a win-win scenario for you, us, and of course, our shared client!

Now, we all know that rebuilding negative credit reports doesn’t happen overnight – it does take time. However, we see positive results within just a few weeks. We help our clients improve their credit scores using a number of techniques, like deleting charge-offs & collections, changing current spending habits, and improving money management skills, etc.

Our company has helped people with bad credit for 18 years, and thanks to an initial screening system, we’ve had a 100% success rate. 100% percent! Once we start working with your client, you can be confident they’ll be able to close a loan within six months.

We like to keep loan officers updated, so we stay in touch with you every step of the way. We copy you on every email we send the client, so you’re notified whenever a derogatory account is deleted and their credit reports sees an improvement. As an added bonus, we remind clients on every email to keep in touch with their loan officer – you!

We’ve worked with dozens of loan officers across the United States, and on average, we increase their income by 17%. Take a moment to imagine what you would do with an extra 17% of your annual income. That’s a pretty good feeling, right?

Now when you come across a borrower who tells you or is denied due to bad credit, you don’t have to send them away anymore. Instead, send them to us. We’ll repair their credit and send them back to you when they’re credit-qualified to be approved for a loan. This means you’ll be able to close even more loans with no extra cost and zero effort on your part.

Contact me now to start closing more loans, and creating that win-win scenario for everyone!

Willis Hunt
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