Reasons Your Good Credit Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

When it comes to your finances a good credit score is very important. It determines the interest rates on loans, it plays a big role in business dealings and it is also very essential when you’re looking for a job because most employers will look into your credit background to see whether you’re a good candidate for a job.

But, a good credit score can be easily broken. There are many reasons behind this.

First of all, good credit can be broken if you go through a divorce. A divorce costs a lot of money, especially for families long-term financial stability. What’s more, when you go through a divorce if you have to split everything with your partner (except if you agree otherwise), that means that you will not have enough money to cover your credit or your ex-partner will not pay joint accounts that you cannot contractually remove your name from. This will result in recent 30 day lates or falling behind with your payments which will consequently lower your credit score.

Another reason can also be a job loss. This will also result in the same. Having no job will not have enough money to cover your credit this means that you will start falling back on your payments. And even if you only fall back on a few payments even then your credit score will lower.

Yet another reason would be family death. This can impact your credit score in a number of ways. First of all, you have to spend a lot of money on a funeral. We all know that nowadays funerals have become really expensive, which will eventually leave you with less money. Secondly, maybe the family member that passed away was helping you financially. That means that you will no longer have their financial support which will result in falling behind with your payments.

Another reason that could hurt your good credit score might be any kind of unexpected life circumstance. Whatever comes to your mind, such as having to pay higher rent, getting an illness, or whatever you can think of that qualifies as unexpected life circumstance, which costs money, can really mess up with your good credit score.

But, even if you experience some of these reasons (and we hope that you don’t), you do not have to despair, because we can help you fix your credit reports and scores. There is no reason to be afraid to leave the past behind and start a completely new life and I can help you with that. All you have to do is set up an account for $1 at and after you have set up the account then call Willis directly at 972-643-8458. Do this and start living your new life free of bad credit score.