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Congratulations, You Decided To Save Yourself!

Keeping your head above water in a sea of financial debt requires some quick-thinking. Unfortunately though, when you’re in a panic state of survival, you tend to over think each potential solution, only to end up wasting precious time in the process. Before you know it, you feel like you’ve run out of options.

Stop Struggling. There’s no need to panic.

As skilled professionals, we’re here to help you turn your situation around. We have expert advice that has worked for countless numbers of families before; families who were months behind on their mortgage payments, whose credit card bills were at an all-time high with no apparent solution in sight; families with situations just like yours.

Now since all circumstances are different, it’s best to not wait until your home is in foreclosure before saving yourself from financial grief. HOWEVER, if the foreclosure process has already started for you, there’s no need to worry. We can still help.

Ready To Jump On Board?

Our polished staff is trained to evaluate each situation and guide our clients towards financial safety. Usually, the best course of action to take, is to sell your home with a Short Sale. To explain the term, a Short Sale means that once your house has been sold, mortgage lenders agree to settle your mortgage for a price lower than what was currently owed. In essence, you can walk away from the property debt free. To say that these negotiations take skill is an understatement. Mortgage lenders want to be paid for their investment, and they’ll make sure to get what is owed to them, no matter what. Thankfully for you, our team loves a good challenge! In some cases, our experts have even been able to negotiate up to $10,000 in relocation expenses.

Something to keep in mind, while some real estate agents will claim to be familiar with Short Sales, it’s still debatable whether they’ll actually be negotiating in your best interest. Remember, for the most part agents only have one goal in mind – their commission. They aren’t interested in helping their clients rebuild themselves financially.

So How Will We All Keep Afloat?

We know what you must be thinking, “How do you expect me to pay for these services when we’re already struggling to pay for our home?”

And at Stop Struggling we get it. This is why you’ll never pay us directly for our services. Yes, you heard that correctly! Our fees will never come directly out of your pocket. Instead, our services will be covered by fees negotiated with the mortgage lenders. We want to liberate you from your financial burdens, not add to them.

Doesn’t this sound worth jumping onto?

Step one – let us help you get on board. Contact us 972-643-8458 or info@thankswillis.com

We can help you stop struggling and start winning.

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