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When The Struggle Is Real And So Are The Mortgage Payments

Like most homeowners, signing on the dotted lines of that purchase contract meant more to you than just a new address. Regardless of it being a pretty hefty expense, it was your new home. A place where you and your family could spend Sunday nights together laughing around the dinner table, all while creating memories that you’d pass down to the grandkids.

But then, life happened; loss of a job, divorce, all the bills started coming in a bit higher than you expected. Or only a couple of years down the line and the bathroom plumbing needs fixing, again, only you somehow forgot that your daughter tuition is due next month!

There are literally over a hundred reasons why your former dream of owning a home is now steadily becoming a nightmare. Between employment issues, the mortgage payments, credit card bills, children’s tuitions, and health insurance your savings are dwindling right along with your sanity.

So stop. That’s right. Just stop.

Stop trying to maintain appearances by keeping a house that you can’t afford. Stop trying to live beyond your means because you feel there are no other options.

Because the truth is – there ARE options! We have helped hundreds of people just like you.

People who only wanted to provide their family with a secure home and financial future, but unfortunately, ended up drowning in debt in the process.

The good news? Stop Struggling just threw you a life jacket. So grab it and hold on. As trained professionals not only will we rescue you from financial hardships but we can also teach you how to swim to prosperity on your own. There is no need to give up on your dream of being a homeowner, and we don’t want you to. Instead we want to provide you with the right tools so that you never find yourself sinking again.


Well, every situation is unique. So the best way to answer that question is to reach out to one of our team members.

Still not convinced?

Here’s a quick bit of advice – for FREE. One of the many options available to people in your similar situation is what is known as a short sale. The majority of real estate agents will claim to know the ins and outs of these specialized situations. However, after so many years in this business, we know that realistically many agents won’t sympathize with you and as a result won’t negotiate effectively on your behalf, leaving you in the same collapsed boat you were trying to escape from. At Stop Struggling we know how to negotiate and, more importantly, we like doing it.

Next steps? Contact us 972-643-8458 or info@stopstruggling.us

We can help you stop struggling and start winning.

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