One family at a time

The place was a dream.

Spacious, close to the park, in a great school district, and my daughter loved to run around in the big back yard.

But I got a phone call and the loan officer told me I couldn’t have the home.

My credit wasn’t good enough.

“Why can’t we live there? I want to live there,” my six year old said to me when I told her we would be staying in our apartment.

I couldn’t face her. I couldn’t explain to her that my financial mistakes from the past were costing us now. How could I tell her I couldn’t give her a better home and a better future?

One of our clients recently came to me with this story. She dabbed her face with the Kleenex on my desk as she told me. Moments like these remind me why I do what I do.

This story has a happy ending though. The client put her trust in our expertise and within three months she was signing her name at the title company to that exact house she couldn’t get before! We helped to change her and her daughter’s lives.

So what do we do?

We analyze your credit reports, putting together a custom strategy for my team to remove negative accounts with the creditors, every collection agency from all three credit bureaus.

Good credit means more opportunities, more choices and you keeping more of your money!

Throughout the whole process, we collaborate with mortgage loan officers, realtors, investors or any key stakeholders while we repair and rebuild your credit!

If you are worried about a limited options or low credit scores please give us a call for a free analysis and a no obligation quote.

The Thanks Willis team is about improving lives; one family at a time. We want to improve yours!

Willis Hunt
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