FREE Home Ownership Fair in Universal City, TX – Sept 22

Hello. We’re excited to invite you to our FREE Home Ownership Fair in Universal City, TX (suburb NE of San Antonio by Randolph AFB) and really forward to seeing you there! Kitty Hawk Event Center 310 Kitty Hawk Road Universal City, TX 78148 If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, we want to help ensure that you’re not in the same place paying rent this time next year. So me and some of my real estate friends have gotten together to host a FREE “Home Ownership” fair at 11am on September 22, completely free, and open to anyone. Most people put off their dream of home ownership because they mistakenly believe that:

  • They can’t afford the mortgage
  • They can’t afford the maintenance
  • They don’t have good enough credit
  • The process is too complicated to get into at this point in time


Do any of those sound familiar?  If you’ve been putting off pursuing your dream of giving your family their very own home for any of those reasons, this seminar is for you.The short version: if you’re paying rent, YOU’RE ALREADY PAYING THE MORTGAGE AND MAINTENANCE for the property you live in, AND THEN SOME (remember, property owners are making a profit on your rent as well). In this free course of 2 hours, we’ll cover:

  • The transition from Renting to Owning
  • How to buy the house you want
  • The basics of making an offer
  • How to qualify for the right loan for you
  • How to estimate your monthly payments
  • Credit repair and rebuilding

We’ll have a number of experts on hand, including myself, to discuss any questions you have about real estate, finances, and more, so that if 2018 is the year you want to finally Quit Paying Rent, we can give you a head start on the knowledge you need to make that happen. And if you ARE ready to start that process now, and just didn’t know where to start, we’re ready to help.Call or text Kristen 210-784-6527 or Jennifer 405-693-2046 for your FREE registration to our Home Ownership Fair today. Space is limited, and is filling up quickly, so don’t wait. 2018 is going to be a great year.. don’t let ANY of your dreams pass you by. Hope to see you there! Willis Hunt 972-643-8458 wh at Sept-22-HOME-OWNERSHIP-500x700