Desire is nothing without discipline

Desire is NOTHING without Discipline!

You can have the grandest idea’s, dreams and vision for your life but without discipline they will always remain a fantasy!

Desire is EASY…..Discipline is HARD, that is why most people wish and want and hope rather than do the simple things they can do every day to create a better life and become a better person.

Discipline is what separates those who actually live a fulfilling and successful life from everyone else.

All the desire in the world will never create the life you want and hope to live…. It is that simple.

When you embrace discipline and start to have a high level of self discipline in every area of your life, your desires will start to become real…. not a moment before you become disciplined and consistent.


I get it….it’s easier to wait and wish and hope than to actually get up and do something that will force you to change yourself and your life for the better.

It’s easier to keep thinking the same things day in and day out rather than challenge your own thoughts, beliefs and social conditioning.

It’s easier to just go along with everyone else then form your own opinions about life that could potentially serve you and your dreams rather than take away your power, uniqueness and beauty.

It’s easier to keep hanging around your friends and family than to branch out into the world and meet new people who will force you to level up and challenge you to become the best version of yourself and share your best work with the world.

It’s easier to just watch TV shows, sport and hang out with friends on the weekend than to work on your own unique ideas, skills and gifts so you can change your financial position and circumstances.

It’s easier to play small with your life and surround yourself with people who accept that as a standard in their life than to separate yourself from the pack and start going for greatness.

It’s easier to just go along and do normal kind of things every day because you’re more worried about fitting in than standing out and being your own beautiful and unique person who does something significant with their life.

Your life won’t change one day or even some day until you change and step up and take charge of yourself and your life.

Stop doing what is easy and what is socially acceptable and start pushing yourself to do what others simply won’t do because it’s weird, different or even a little too full on.

Now is your time! Now is your chance to make that change in your life, once and for all.

I know you got this!

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